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Study Abroad Consultants in Angamaly helps students find the right course and university abroad. Study Abroad Consultants, SAC is a one-stop solution for all study abroad-related queries. SAC is a top-rated study abroad agency in Angamaly that helps students find the perfect course and university abroad. SAC helps find the ideal courses and universities abroad; Student queries for study abroad- Academic degrees and universities globally, Scholarships Assistance, Accommodation services in major cities of the world, Visa-related services, Education loans, etc.


Studying abroad can be one of the life-changing decisions for many. It not only expands your worldview but also opens new doors to possibilities. Studying abroad is a chance to grow and develop as a person while also learning more about the world around you. The benefits of studying abroad are vast and diverse. From personal development to career prospects to cultural enrichment- studying abroad has something for everyone!


Studying abroad can be an excellent experience for Indian students. It is a chance to get an education in the best institutions, explore the world, and learn about different cultures.

When deciding where to study abroad, there are many factors to consider. The most important thing is that you should choose a destination that will offer you the best opportunity for your career. You might want to look at how much the university ranks or what its degree program provides. Another factor is affordability; some countries charge higher tuition fees and living costs than others.

Many different countries offer good opportunities for Indian students looking for overseas education. Some include the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Germany.


Study Abroad Consultants in Angamaly

The UK is one of the most popular countries for Indian students. The country has a variety of universities that offer world-class education and research facilities. The UK provides an excellent opportunity to study in an international environment with excellent teaching and learning facilities. It is also among the most affordable countries in Europe, making it a favorable destination for Indian students.


The UK houses some of the best universities in the world. There are many courses offered by these universities that are of interest to Indian students. The courses vary from MBA, Engineering, Nursing, IT, Business, and law to arts and humanities. Some of the most popular courses in the UK for Indian students include MBA, PG in Computer Science., MSc in Management Studies, Health Care, MD in Medicine, Nursing Courses, Law and Hotel Management, etc.

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Studying in Australia is a great opportunity for anyone pursuing higher education. It offers a wide range of courses, and it is one of the most affordable countries for international students. Australia is an English-speaking country with many great universities. It has an excellent quality of life, the living expenses are lower than in other developed countries, and it offers many opportunities for work after graduation. According to the new post-study permit rules of 2022, students enrolled in master’ Programs are eligible for a 5-year stay-back permit after completing their studies.

Our Associate Office in Australia will help you all assistance and support to find accommodation, part-time jobs during your studies, and full-time jobs after completing your studies. Contact us for more information. 


There are many courses that Indian students can take in Australia. It is essential first to identify the type of programs they want to join and then find a suitable institution that offers it.

The courses available in Australia vary from high school education, vocational training, university degrees, postgraduate degrees, and research studies. The courses also differ based on their duration: short-term courses for two years or less, medium-term for more than two years but not more than four years, and long-term for more than four years. The top courses in Australia that attracts Indian students are Engineering, Health Care, IT, and business management.


New Zealand is a fantastic place to study abroad. It is an English-speaking country with a population of 5.5 million and beautiful scenery. Many top universities in New Zealand rank among the best in the world. The University of Auckland has been ranked as one of the best universities in the world for teaching and research in engineering, business, law, and design.

Study abroad Consultancy Angamaly

We need to understand that not all courses are available in India. So, if you want to study abroad, New Zealand is a great place.

The top courses to study in New Zealand for Indian students are:

  • Animation.
  • Engineering.
  • IT& Computer Science
  • Business Studies.
  • Nursing
  • Hospitality.
  • Hotel Management
  • Agriculture.
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Management. 
  • Health and Rehabilitation Studies etc..

Our Associate Office in New Zealand will help you with accommodation and help to find part-time jobs during your studies and a full-time job after completing your studies. Contact us for more information



Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and it has a lot to offer its people. Canada is a multicultural nation with many languages and cultures, so it is an ideal destination for those who want to experience different cultures. The Canadian education system was ranked as one of the best in the world by The Economist magazine, making it a good choice for students who want to get ahead. Canada’s universities are also among the top 100 worldwide.


The list below is a compilation of courses in Canada that are popular among Indian students. The courses listed below are the top courses studied in Canada by Indian students. These courses range from engineering to business and finance to communications.

  • MBA.
  • Computer Science & IT.
  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare.
  • Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy.
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biosciences etc.


Ireland is a modern, progressive, and diverse country. Ireland has been known for its welcoming attitude to immigrants and the freedom they are given. Irish universities offer quality education at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of programs, including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

study in ireland consultants Angamaly

The country is home to more than 1,000 IT companies that employ more than 100,000 people in Ireland. These companies provide high-quality employment opportunities for graduates in STEM fields of study.

The cost of living in Ireland is low compared to other countries like the US or UK, making it easier for students who come from abroad to live comfortably without depending on their parents’ income or savings.

The University of Limerick is a public research university located in Limerick, Ireland. It was renamed following the merger of the Regional Technical College and the National Institute of Higher Education. The university has a student population of over 23,000, making it Ireland’s third-largest university. UL is also one of the largest higher education institutions in Europe. Its history dates back to 1854, when an informal association began offering evening classes to help adults with reading, writing, and mathematics.

Other Top Countries for Overseas Education 

Other counties popular among Indian students for overseas education are below.

  • France
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweeden
  • Poland
  • Finland etc.

Please get in touch with us for more details and free guidance about overseas education all over the world.

Things to Remember While Planning to Study Abroad

The best study abroad destinations have the most to offer in terms of culture, climate, and education. There are a few points that you should note while choosing your destination for overseas education. Some of them are the course you want to join, career prospects after completing the studies, cost of the education, Scholarship, Part-time job during the study, climate, safety, PR options, etc.  

For more information about study overseas planning, contact SAC, The top study abroad Consultants in Angamaly.

How Can We Help you?

As the best study abroad consultants in Angamaly, we can help you by providing information on every country, visa rules, admission requirements, IELTS/ TOFEL Requirements, Part-time jobs, PR possibilities, Stay back rules after study, SOP Guidance, etc.  As the experienced overseas education consultant in Angamaly, we can also provide information on each country’s climate, career opportunities, PR rules, culture, etc., to make an informed decision about your overseas education.  

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