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Are you dreaming of becoming a doctor but cannot afford the high tuition fees charged by medical colleges in India? Then like thousands of students, you can also plan your medical education abroad with the help of study MBBS Abroad consultants in Kerala. Medical education abroad involves several steps, and students need proper guidance from experienced consultants in Kerala who are dealing with overseas MBBS education in Kerala. Unlike other overseas educational programs, students need help planning MBBS education abroad, starting from the admission process of the medical universities, NMC accreditation details, facilities and infrastructure of the medical universities abroad and support in accommodation etc. If you need more details about the Study MBBS in Europe consultants in Kerala, Kochi, Kottayam, Palakkad and, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Malappuram, Kannur, get in touch with us.


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Top Study MBBS Destinations for Kerala Students

MBBS in Poland (Europe)

If you want to do MBBS in Europe, then Poland is one of the best and most affordable options for an MBBS in Europe. International European University (IEU) is an international university in Poland offering world-class education and research opportunities. IEU Poland offers 6 years MBBS program at affordable fees, and the NMC, IAAR, and WHO recognize IEU Poland.


About MBBS at International European University (IEU) Poland

International European University (IEU) is one of the top options for Indian students looking for MBBS programs in Europe. With its modern state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members, IEU provides the best medical education in Poland, and it is ranked among Poland’s top medical institutions. If studying MBBS in Europe is your dream, you can consider MBBS at IEU Poland.



MBBS in Poland Brief Details

Admission Intake


Marks Required in 12th PCB

70% and above

NEET Requirement


Fees Yearly

8000 – 14000 USD

Hostel Fees

150 to 270 USD/Month

MBBS Course Duration

6 Years

Medium of Instruction


Top Medical University

IEU Poland


NMC and WHO approved



Top Medicial Universities in Poland:
IEU, Medical University of Warsaw etc.

Average Fee Structure: 30 Lacs to 50 Lacs

Pros: Low Fee structure than Private Medical colleges in India, best medical infrastructure and benefits of studying MBBS in a European country.


Cons: Nothing notable .
Poland Embassy in India: 



MBBS in Bosnia(Europe)

Bosnia has become an exciting option for medical education among Indian students, and students in Kerala are no exception. Being in a European country studying MBBS has many advantages, like acceptance in entire Europe and other parts of the world. Usually, medical education in Europe is costly but studying MBBS in Bosnia is more affordable than in other countries.


The quality of medical education is also one of the top, including the medical infrastructure. Moreover, Bosnia is safe for students, and people accommodate international students. Other aspects that drive students to Bosnia are the diverse culture and English taught MBBS course. This beautiful country is becoming a favorite destination for studying MBBS in Europe for medical aspirants from India, Pakistan and other countries. For more information about the Bosnia MBBS program, contact an MBBS abroad consultant in Kerala who offers study MBBS in Bosnia consultancy services.


Average Fee Structure:  23 to 32 Lacs

Pros: Reasonable Fee structure and best medical infrastructure. Opportunity to study MBBS in Europe at lower rate than in India.


Cons: No major draw backs.



MBBS in Bosnia – Brief Details



Course Duration

6 Years including Internship

Medium of Instruction


NEET Requirement

Applicant should be NEET Qualified

English Test Requirement

Not Required

Recognition Status

Approved by NMC, WHO and other bodies

Course Validity in India


Course Fee in INR




MBBS in Bosnia (Europe) Fee Structure



1st Year

4900.00 Euro

Cost of Accommodation

1200 Euro /Year

Food Expense

150 Euro

2nd Year

3200 Euro

3rd Year

3200 Euro

4th Year

3200 Euro

5th Year

3200 Euro

6yh Year

3200  Euro


Total Expense for 6 Years MBBS in
Bosnia in INR is 23 Lac 35 Thousands


Why are Kerala Students interested in studying MBBS in Europe?



Studying MBBS abroad has become increasingly popular among Kerala students interested in the medical profession. The unreasonable amount in terms of fees and donations charged by the medical colleges in the private sector in India and the limited number of seats in Government medical colleges have made studying MBBS in India almost impossible for low-income students and left students with no options other than opting for MBBS education abroad. Countries like Russia, China, Georgia and the Philippines are students’ top choices till 2018. But some countries like Poland and Bosnia have emerged as the top study MBBS abroad destinations in Europe since 2022.


Affordable medical education, more importance on practical training, research facilities and English medium education are the main factors that attract Kerala medical aspirants to these countries. Poland has become a top medical education choice for students studying MBBS in Europe in 2023. Suppose studying MBBS is your dream, and you are looking for overseas education. In that case, it is better to consult the best Study MBBS in Europe consultants in Kerala for guidance and more details about the program.


Other Countries for Studying MBBS 


MBBS in  Russia

For the last two decades, Russia has been a favorite destination for medical education for Kerala students. The country is known for its medical infrastructure and quality of education. The most exciting aspect of studying MBBS in Russia is the country’s low cost of medical education. Most of the Russian MBBS programs are recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, students get more time for practical training while studying MBBS in the country.


Average Fees of MBBS course in Russia- Rs 25 Lacs/6 years

Pros: Top medical infrastructure, Affordable tuition fees

Cons: The Russia- Ukraine war has affected medical aspirant’s interest in Russian MBBS programs.



MBBS in Ukraine: 
Ukraine was one of the most affordable and favorite countries for Indian students to study MBBS overseas. But as the country is going through the war, the Government of India has banned Indian students from proceeding to Ukraine to study MBBS and other courses.



MBBS in Philippines 
Philippines is one of the top MBBS destinations in Asia for Kerala students. As the Philippines is an English-speaking country lot of students choose it for medical education. Although the MBBS fee structure is not the lowest compared to China, it is still affordable for MBBS studies abroad.

Average Fees of MBBS course – Between 20 to 25 Lacs

Pros: English Speaking Country, NMC & WHO Approved

Cons: Medical infrastructure is not the best, and the country is not known for its medical and research facilities.



MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is another country in the erstwhile Soviet Union where many students from Kerala prefer studying MBBS. The country has several WHO and NMC-recognized universities that offer top-class medical education. The main advantages of medical studies in Georgia are reasonable fee structure and medical infrastructure.

Top Medical universities : AkakiTsereteli State University, Akkai, , Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi , David Tvildiani Medical University, Tbilsi, etc.


Average Fee Structure: Between 19 to 35 Lacs

Pros: Reasonable Fee structure and best medical infrastructure

Cons: Difficulty in getting registration to practice in the country.



MBBS in China

China was a top choice for MBBS studies because of its reasonable fee structure and high medical education facilities. It was the number medical education destination for several students from Kerala and other parts of India like Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other states.


Pros: Top medical infrastructure, Low tuition fees.

Cons: After the Covid -19 pandemic and strained India China relations, China is no longer a preferred destination for Indian MBBS aspirants.
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How can we help you to study MBBS in Europe?

Studying MBBS in Europe is a dream for many Kerala students looking for a career in the medical field. But only a few students know the possibilities of studying MBBS in Europe at affordable cost. As the top study MBBS in Europe consultant in Kerala, we can help you get admission to study medicine in European countries like Poland and Bosnia at affordable fees. If you are searching for the best study MBBS in Europe consultant in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kottayam.


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