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Education in Canada is considered to be one of the best in the world. It has an excellent reputation for providing quality and affordable education. SAC, one of the trusted Canada Education Consultants in Kochi, is present all over Kerala, including major cities like Ernakulam and Trivandrum. SAC, the best Study in Canada Consultant in Kochi Kerala is affiliated with several Canadian universities and guides students on study programs, admission processes, and vice versa.

Being the leading Canada student visa consultant located in Kerala, SAC can help you with your plans for study abroad or for moving to Canada permanently by providing you with the correct information on what you need to do, which schools are suitable for your profile, what visa options are available, etc.

Why Study in Canada?

Most Canadian universities are publicly funded, which means that tuition fees are generally low for domestic and international students. In addition, most Canadian speak English and French, having been influenced over time by its proximity to the United States. Although it is one of the most expensive countries to live in, Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest countries with a high standard of living. Availability of part-time jobs and liberal policies of the Canadian Government to settle in the country after the courses are the major attractions that drive most Indian students to Canada for study.

About Canada

Canada is a country in North America, consisting of ten provinces and three territories. It is a great country, the world’s second-largest country by total area and the third-largest country by land area. Canada is a beautiful country with many different cultures, languages, and climates to explore. It is a multicultural society that is home to many diverse ecosystems. It is a country where people from different backgrounds come together and live peacefully. It is a multicultural society where people of several religions live together peacefully without any discrimination.

Popular Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Canada offers dozens of degrees at universities and colleges, with the popularity of these programs fluctuating over time. The popularity ratings for popular Canadian major programs are compiled by Statistics Canada, which counts how many students enroll for certain degrees every year. The Popular Canada study Programs for Indian students are in the fields of health science and hospitality sectors, followed by Engineering, Business Management, and Information Technology.

Favorite Programs in Canada

There are several factors to consider before taking admission to a program in Canada. Given below are some of the things to consider before choosing a study program in Canada:

 Canada education consultants in Kerala

Top Courses for Indian Students

1. Canada Culinary Programs

Canada is home to some of the top hotel management courses in the world. While it’s not easy to decide which school to attend, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Culinary courses in Canada are the perfect way to make a career in the culinary field. Students who study culinary courses in Canada would get themselves enrolled in one of the top culinary schools in Canada. The school has a very enriching environment, where students can learn and indulge themselves to the fullest while they are learning this new profession.

The course will teach how to work with different cuisines, such as management skills, food science skills, etc. Over here, students get all the opportunities to learn from professionals who work at various hotels and restaurants around Canada. All these factors make this course an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a career in hotel management or other professions related to it.

2. Nursing Programs
The Canadian nursing courses are internationally recognized and are also offered in two languages. The bilingual Canadian nurses are equipped with the skills to work in French-speaking or English-speaking parts of Canada. For example, they are required for hospitals in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and more.

Nursing Courses:

There are several short term diplomas, and degree courses are available to nurses from India and other countries. Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing Practice & Specialty Nursing course is 1-year and Practical nursing programs are of 2-year duration. The four-year degree program includes courses such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and chemistry.

Nursing skills:
Nurses specialize in different areas such as surgery, obstetrics, and pediatric care, among others. They also have to understand medical terminology, which is crucial when dealing with English or French patients.

3. MS in Canada
Canada is the favourite destination for Master’s Programs. Check out our list of the best colleges in Canada! Are you looking for an affordable option for your master’s degree in Canada? Contact us for more details and eligibility criteria.

Top Universities in Canada

Given below are some of the best Universities in Canada.

Canada Student Visa Rules

Before applying for a Canadian student visa, applicants should complete, read, and understand the student visa requirements. Here are some essential things that students must know before applying for their visa:

Acceptance to university:

This letter is an essential requirement in the visa application process. The first stage of the Canadian visa process is to select the top schools that fit an individual’s profile and score. It is crucial to choose a minimum of three different institutions that have a range of backup alternatives, this helps students narrow down their choices and make the final decision.

Letter of Acceptance:
This is required from the university. However, before applying to a university, you must ensure that it’s a Designated Learning Institution.

Permits for Study and Visa conditions
Lockdowns triggered by covid-19 and travel restrictions have led to a lengthy delay in processing visas for certain countries. This has delayed students’ plans for travel. It is recommended that students who have obtained their Canadian student permits should not put off applying for their visas.

Canadian Student Permit

The Canadian student permit: This is a document for foreigners who wish to pursue studies at Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada. Without this permit, students won’t be able to enter Canada.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Introduced by the Canada Immigration Department, The SDS program permits students from a specific group of countries to get the visa within 4 to 6 weeks or less time including India.

Documents Required:

To fill out your Canadian Student Visa online application, here’s what students should know to be prepared:

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will also have to inspect those documents. Therefore, be sure that you have them on hand.

What Indian Students Need to Remember When Applying for Canada Study Visa?

Mode of application: The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website allow students to submit their Canadian Student Visa online, particularly during busy periods. It is quicker to apply in this manner, and applicants receive notifications about the admission process directly.

Visa rules: If students have a relative living in Canada or applying for an employment permit, the student visa application will be approved within two weeks. If this isn’t the case, they’ll need to be patient for the typical Canadian Student Visa processing time of 90 days.

Language requirements to obtain a visa: Canadian universities require all Indian students to show proficiency in their English language. They accept tests such as IELTS TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge English Advanced. Recommended IELTS score is 6.5 and a minimum score of 6.0 in each category.

Biometrics Appointment & Visa Appointment: Indian applicants need to take their biometrics, and the cost is 85 CAD. Based on the requirements the applicant may have to attend an interview at an in-person Visa Application Center.

Visa Refusal

The number of students going to Canada for higher education has increased significantly over the last few years. Canada is the number one study destination for students from all over the world.  Canada follows a liberal study policy and offers high-quality education and affordable work opportunities. The multicultural society allows students to appreciate diversity and also helps them understand other cultures. Students have to fulfill the specific requirements; otherwise, the study visa will be rejected. Given below are the common reasons for student visa refusal.

Common Reasons for Visa Refusal

  1. Evidence of funds: Insufficient funds
  2. Medically Unfit
  3. Lack of clarity 
  4. Incomplete Application
  5. Inability to Provide Security Clearance
  6. Inability to provide supporting documents

Appeal against Visa Rejection

Once rejected, candidates can appeal against the visa rejection with the IAD or the Canadian Federal court. This appeal can only be used within a specific period and should be taken seriously. Taking the advice of a lawyer who is an expert in Visa cases will improve the chances of getting approval.

Part- Time Job Rules & Payment Rates for Students in Canada

How Many Hours Can Student Work ?

If you are a Canadian student visa holder, you will be granted the right to work for 20 hours per week on a salaried job. But this is not the only amount of hours you can work, but you can work for a smaller number of hours. In general, students taking research or theory-oriented courses are permitted to work for a maximum of 12 hours a week since working more can impact a student’s ability to perform in the classroom.

Payment for Part-Time Job

For part-time work, students are paid in hours. The average pay is approximately $10 an hour per hour, on an average. If you want to get work experience or assist your professor with their research or research work, you won’t require a work permit. The work you do has to be done on campus and paid less; however, you can work longer than the specified number of hours. With just the Student Visa, students can continue to work in the academic field on campus.

The students need to complete six months of study in the institution he has joined to work outside the campus. After six months, students can work outside for a maximum of 20 hourse a week and full time during vacation periods.

canada student visa consultants kerala

Canada Work Permit

The Canadian government grants a work permit that allows individuals to be employed in Canada after completing their education in Canada. All foreign citizens who want to live in Canada need to apply for this permit to be employed by the organisation they wish to join.
There are two kinds of work permits available for foreign nationals working in Canada, the Employer-Specific Work -permit and an Open Work Permit. Foreign nationals who have already received an offer of employment from a company located in Canada must apply for an employer-specific work permit. Those who wish to move into Canada to look for a job at a reputable organization must apply for an open work permit.

Types of Students Accommodation in Canada

1. On-Campus Residences: Most undergraduate institutions in Canada offer some form of student residences equipped with furniture of a basic design. On-Campus accommodation is a fantastic choice for first-year or second-year students who prefer to be within walking distance from their classes. Many on-campus housing options include the shared dining hall that comes with a meal on a payment basis. Housing on campus is in high demand at certain institutions, so be sure that you apply early for residence.

2. Off-Campus Accommodation in a House or Apartment: This type of accommodation is suitable for students who are familiar with the localities, transportation facilities and able to do own cooking. Based on your budget, students could go for a single-bedroom apartment or rent one space in a shared apartment or a house.

You can choose between furnished and unfurnished accommodation. If you select unfurnished accommodation, you should consider the additional cost of furnishing the space.  Rent is typically paid monthly; however, prices can differ widely from city to city. The most populated cities in Canada like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have the highest rates for rented accommodation. You can also check online sites like Craigslist, Kijiji etc., but be careful when looking up online rental sites and try for a video chat with the property owner before finalizing the deal.
3. Homestay: It is an alternative form of off-campus accommodation, in which students live with a host family in their home. In most cases, meals are provided to the students daily. You might be able to have your host family show you around the city and help you feel more at ease during your free time. You can check the YES Canada home stay and Canada Homestay Network for more details.

4. Short Term Rentals: If you’ve not been able to locate long-term housing for the academic year, you can try for short-term, furnished rentals for a short duration and later shift to your preferred type of accommodation if required. Airbnb and are some of the popular sites for short term rentals.

Average Cost of Accommodation in Canada

All Expenses Calculated in Canadian Dollar

Monthly expenses will be much lower if you opt for shared accommodation or campus accommodation.

If you want to enjoy a meal outside in a good restaurant it will cost around 10 CAD/Person.
If you are going for an unfurnished accommodation then the cost of bed, furniture etc will be additional.

Why Contact the Top Canada Education Consultant in Kochi Kerala?

As one of the leading Canada Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala, SAC provides proper counselling and documentation services like submission of application and related services like helping to prepare the SOP, Education loan, Show money assistance, etc. SAC offers student counseling services by experts with many years of experience in the admission process of several universities abroad. If you are planning to complete your higher studies in Canada you can contact the SAC office and avail our study abroad consultancy services like counselling, university information, ranking details, lodging and placement assistance etc.

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