Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut for Overseas Education

Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut specialize in helping students from Calicut and nearby areas in Kerala to pursue their educational dreams abroad. Overseas education consultants in Calicut provide a wide range of services, such as visa and immigration counseling, academic advising, program selection assistance, financial aid advice, and more. They also guide preparing a study visa application and choosing the right universities abroad. Study Abroad Consultants in Kozhikode have extensive knowledge of international education systems and can help make studying abroad easier for students. They are also an invaluable resource for providing information about scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance for students looking to study abroad. With their help, students can achieve their academic goals with ease and confidence.

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Role of Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut

Study abroad consultants in Calicut mainly provide advice, guidance, and support for students from Kozhikode and nearby districts like Malappuram, Kannur and Palakkad who are interested in studying overseas. They can help with everything from selecting a university to applying for a visa. Consultants can also provide valuable insight into the culture and educational systems of the country you plan to join. In addition, they can help you navigate the complex process of moving to a new country, from visa requirements to finding housing. Ultimately, study abroad consultants are there to ensure that your study abroad is successful and rewarding.


Popular Study Abroad Destinations of students from Calicut Kerala

    • United Kingdom

    • Canada

    • Germany

    • Australia

    • New Zealand

    • USA

    • France

    • Spain

    • Malta

    • Ireland

    • Netherlands

    • Norway

    • Finland
    • Sweden


    1. Study in the UK:



    Why do Indian Students Prefer to Study in the UK?

    There are several reasons why Indian students prefer to study in the UK. These include:

    1. Quality of Education: The UK has some of the world’s top universities and colleges, offering excellent quality education that is highly valued by employers worldwide.

    2. Job Opportunities: The UK provides a wealth of job opportunities for international students post-graduation, including internships, graduate schemes, and start-up support.

    3. International Exposure: Studying in the UK allows students to experience a different culture, meet people from all over the world and develop invaluable global connections.

    4. Financial Support: The UK has a wide range of scholarships and bursaries available to international students that can help with tuition fees and living costs.

    5. Language Skills: English is the primary language spoken in the UK, giving Indian students a chance to improve their language skills while studying there.



    Some of the Top Universities in the UK

      • University of Oxford
      • University of Cambridge
      • London School of Economics
      • Imperial College London
      • University College London
      • King’s College London
      • Durham University
      • The University of Warwick
      • University of Bath
      • University of Manchester

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      2. Studying in Canada

      Studying in Canada is becoming increasingly popular for Indian students. Canada offers universities, colleges, and institutes that offer top-notch education to international students. These schools provide an excellent social and learning environment for students to pursue their studies.

      When it comes to studying in Canada, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. For instance, the weather in Canada is extreme during winter compared to many other countries. Furthermore, one must consider the budget before deciding on a course or university in Canada. In addition, language proficiency is also essential, as all classes in Canadian universities are taught in English except French, which is spoken in some provinces in Canada.

      Moreover, Indian students need to obtain a study permit from the Canadian immigration authorities before they can enter the country and begin their studies. The application process involves providing documents such as passport details, academic transcripts, and proof of financial capacity.

      Finally, Indian students should thoroughly research the courses available at different institutions and explore job opportunities after graduation to make an informed decision about where to study in Canada.

      Some of the Top Universities in Canada

      • University of Toronto
      • McGill University
      • University of Alberta
      • McMaster University
      • University of Waterloo
      • Western University
      • Dalhousie University
      • Queen’s University
      • Simon Fraser University

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      3. Studying in Australia for Indian Students

      Is studying in Australia a good option for Indian students? Yes, studying in Australia is an excellent option for students from India. Australia has a great education system, with some of the best universities in the world. Australian universities also offer courses tailored to international students, including programs geared toward helping them secure employment after graduation. The cost of living in Australia is also relatively high compared to other countries, but the quality of education and stay-back options after completing the study (up to 5 years) make it the top study-abroad destination for students from Calicut and other cities in India. Additionally, Australia is a multicultural and welcoming country, making it an ideal destination for international students.

      4. Studying in New Zealand

      Studying in New Zealand is a great opportunity for international students. The country offers a diverse range of educational institutions at the secondary and higher levels. Some world-class universities provide high-quality courses to help students achieve their academic and career goals. New Zealand also has plenty of social activities and cultural experiences for students to enjoy while living there, allowing them to make the most out of their time in the country. In addition, its stunning landscapes, friendly people, and a laidback lifestyle make it an attractive destination for many international students.

      5. Best Study Destinations in Europe for Indian Students

      1. Germany: Germany is one of the most popular study destinations for Indian students. It offers a wide range of engineering, technology, health sciences, and business administration courses. The cost of living and tuition fees are also relatively low or free compared to other European countries.


      overseas education consultants in Calicut

      Free Education System in Germany

      Germany has a long-standing tradition of providing free education to its citizens, which is still true today. Germany offers free education at all state universities, regardless of nationality. This means that students worldwide, including non-EU countries like India, can study in Germany without paying tuition fees. The only fee students need to pay at Public universities in Germany is a semester fee (Around 100 to 300 Euros per semester (Rs 8500 to 26000). Students may also note that free education is available only in Government funded public universities and not in Private universities.


      Other Expenses in Germany

      Apart from tuition fees, other costs associated with studying in Germany may include books, course materials and living expenses (such as accommodation and food). However, deserving students may be eligible for scholarships or grants to help cover these costs.

      The German Government also provides funding for research projects through its ‘Excellence Initiative.’ This program aims to promote excellence in research and teaching in higher education institutions throughout Germany.


      Popular Universities in Germany for International Students


      • Technical University of Munich
      • Heidelberg University
      • Ludwig Maximilians Universität München
      • Freie Universität Berlin
      • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
      • RWTH Aachen University
      • Technische Universität Dresden

      If you are interested in studying overseas, studying in Germany is an excellent option for those looking for a quality education without paying hefty tuition fees. Contact us for Study PG in Germany (Free) Programs



      2. France: France is one of the oldest countries in Europe and is home to many prestigious universities such as Sorbonne in Paris, Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, Grenoble Institute of Technology, etc. The country has long been a hub for international students due to its excellent education system and affordable tuition fees.

      3. Norway: The Norway is an ideal study destination for Indian students as it offers top-notch educational institutions with world-class faculty members. Students can also find various courses ranging from engineering to business management and finance.

      4. Netherlands: The Netherlands is another excellent option for Indian students pursuing higher education in Europe. It has some of the best universities in Europe, such as the Delft University of Technology, the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, etc., which offer courses at reasonable tuition fees.

      5. Switzerland: Switzerland is known for its high-quality university education and modern infrastructure facilities. Some renowned Swiss universities include ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of St Gallen, etc., which offer world-class courses at reasonable costs. For Program details and free guidance of Study in Europe Programs please send your enquiry


      Best PR-Friendly Counties & Courses Abroad

      According to the India Today report, the number of students from Kerala admitted to foreign universities in 2022 was 35 thousand. Many of these students want to apply for PR after completing their studies abroad. If you are a student looking for overseas education and wish to settle in that country after completing your studies, the details of PR-friendly countries and the courses below may be helpful to you.


      1. Canada: Canada is a popular destination for students from India due to its PR-friendly immigration policies, excellent education system and generous scholarships. The country offers courses in various fields, including Health sciences, IT, Engineering and Business studies.


      2. Germany: The shortage of qualified professionals in many sectors like the Healthcare, IT and Skilled jobs has compelled the German Government to welcome qualified workers from the EU and Non-EU counties like India. PR-friendly courses in Germany are Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, IT, and Skilled Job Categories like Mechanics, Plumbers, and Electrician etc. The Ausbildung in Germany provides free education for 12th passed Indian students with stipend every month. Learn more about Free Ausbildung program (Free 3 years vocational training program) with stipend every month (Approx Rs 1 Lac /month)


      3. Australia: Australia is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students seeking to study abroad. It has a flexible immigration policy and benefits like the Post-Study Work Visa that allow international students to stay and work in the country for up to five years after completing the course. (As per the new post-study work visa rule of 2022)Popular courses include engineering, business management, IT, hospitality, health sciences and more.


      4. UK: The United Kingdom is known for its quality education system and welcoming atmosphere towards international students from India. It offers various courses such as healthcare, business management, information technology and more at multiple levels of study. PR friendly Courses in the UK are nursing and related courses in Healthcare, IT, Engineering and Business studies.


      5. New Zealand: New Zealand is another great option for Indian students looking for PR-friendly courses abroad. Its universities offer various courses in areas such as Health Science, Engineering, IT, Hospitality Management, Agriculture, healthcare and business management. International students can apply for the Post Study Work Visa after graduation to stay in the country for up to three years.

      How to Apply for Student Visa from India?
      1. Check Eligibility: Before applying for a student visa, you must check the eligibility criteria of the university or college you want to study. The requirements of countries and institutions are different, so it is better whether you are eligible for a student visa.


      1. Arrange Documents: If you are eligible for a study visa, arrange all documents according to the requirements of the university/country you want to study. Generally, educational certificates, mark lists, and transcripts are required by all countries. Most countries also require bank statements to show your financial capacity to pay the fees and meet the expenses abroad. If you are applying for a German study visa from India, you will also need APS certification from 2023 (Certificate Authencity check) to get the visa.


      1. Submit Application: Download the visa application from the embassy website and fill out the application with all details, including the admission offer, supporting documents, and visa fees. Most visa applications can be filed through the VFS centers in Kerala.

      1. Attend Interview: Some embassies or consulates may call the student for an interview before granting the visa. It is the discretion of the visa officer whether to call the students for an interview or not. Prepare for the interview by researching the host country’s culture and education system and explaining why you want to study there and what qualifications you have to make you suitable for a student visa.

      2. Receive Visa Approval: After all necessary documents are submitted, submit any additional documents requested and pay any applicable fees; wait for a decision on your student visa application from the embassy or consulate. If approved, follow their instructions on receiving your physical student visa so that you can begin planning your studies abroad! You can also contact your study abroad consultant for more information. For more information about student visa process you can contact any study abroad consultants in Calicut or visit websites of the concerend embassies in India.

      Documents Required for Student Visa

      Below are the general documents required for study visa

      • Passport with at least 6 months validity
      • All Educational Certificates
      • Transcripts & Mark lists
      • Statement of Purpose
      • Work Experience (If applicable)
      • Proof of fund to support your studies
      • Translated copies of documents (Wherever applicable)

      Part-Time Work Rules While Studying Abroad- Things You Should Know.

      Most countries, including the UK, Canada, Germany, USA, Australia, etc., allow students to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies. However, there may be exceptions depending on their visa type. Below are some points students should note while working during their studies.

      1. Make sure that your part-time work does not interfere with your studies.

      2. Make sure you follow the maximum working hours allowed by your host country’s regulations (this varies by country).

      3. Talk to your university about any restrictions or requirements regarding part-time work for international students.

      4. Check with the relevant government department to ensure that you are legally allowed to work in the host country and obtain the necessary paperwork or permits if required.

      5. Read contracts thoroughly before signing and make sure you understand all terms and conditions of the job before starting work.

      6. Keep records of all wages, tax deductions, and other expenses related to your job, as these may be considered when applying for student loans or scholarships in future years.

      7. Take regular breaks during your shifts and be mindful of any health and safety regulations your employer has in place at the workplace.

      8. Remember to take out appropriate insurance coverage in case of accidents or illness while working abroad (this is a requirement of many employers).

      9. Some countries like the UK have started strict actions against international students working more than the permitted hours. For example, the government could stop extending the visa of the students found breaching the visa rule from obtaining a new study or job visa in the future after their course.

      Scholarship for Indian Students

      Scholarships help cover some or all of tuition and living expenses and assist with research support, travel grants, and internships. Additionally, many organizations, foundations and private donors provide financial support to qualified Indian students who are interested in pursuing their educational goals overseas.

      The Government of India also offers several scholarships specifically designed for Indian students studying abroad. By taking advantage of these scholarship opportunities, Indian students can gain valuable knowledge while experiencing the unique social environment of other countries.


      USA Scholarships

      1. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program: This prestigious scholarship enables deserving Indian students to pursue their studies at any accredited US university.

      2. American Universities India Initiative (AUI): This initiative of the US government allows Indian students to receive financial assistance for their education in the US.

      3. Education USA Opportunity Funds Program: The US State Department offers this scholarship program to help Indian students finance their higher education in the USA.

      4. Academic Exchange Programs: These are programs offered by many universities and organizations in the US, specifically designed to provide educational opportunities for students from India who wish to study in the USA.

      5. Visiting International Student Program (VISP): VISP offers full-tuition scholarships to Indian students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in any one of over 500 colleges and universities across the United States.


      Scholarship for Indian Students in the UK

      There are various scholarships available for Indian students in the UK. The British Council offers a range of scholarships, including the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), open to Indian citizens who wish to pursue higher education or research programs in the UK. The UK government also offers Chevening Scholarships, awarded on merit to those planning careers that will contribute to their country’s development. Additionally, many universities and organizations offer scholarship opportunities for Indian students studying in the UK.


      Scholarship for Indian Students in Canada

      Scholarship for Indian Students in Canada is a great opportunity to study in one of the world’s most prestigious nations. With its high-quality education system and vibrant culture, Canada provides an ideal environment for Indian students to excel in their studies. Canadian universities offer scholarships for Indian students, such as the International Student Scholarship Program (ISSP), which provides funding for international students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

      How Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut can help you?

      Study abroad consultants in Calicut can help you to choose the best universities abroad by providing you with the information and resources needed to make an informed decision. They can provide information about international universities, their programs, admission requirements, and other related topics. They can also guide education loan options, scholarships, visas, and more. With their help, you will be able to make an informed decision about which universities best fit your academic goals, budget, and lifestyle. 

      Additionally, some overseas education consultants in Calicut offer personalized services, including helping students choose the right university based on their academic strengths, interests, career aspirations, and permanent settlement.

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      1.Do Study abroad consultants charge a fee?

      No, study abroad consultants usually do not charge any fee for their services because they are paid by the universities abroad. But they charge a fee for the assistance they provide for admission to public universities in Germany, Norway, Italy, etc.

      2. What is the cheapest place to study abroad?

      The cheapest place to study abroad depends on various factors, such as the type of program you are looking for, the country you want to study in, and the length of your stay. Countries like Germany, Italy, and Norway are some of the most affordable options for studying abroad.

      3. What are the countries where Indian students can study free without tuition fees?

      1. Norway
      2. Germany
      3. Sweden
      4. France
      5. Finland
      6. Austria
      7. Denmark
      8. Bulgaria
      9. Czech Republic
      10. Slovenia

      4. Which are the most expensive countries for overseas education?

      The most expensive countries for international students are the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Depending on the type of institution and specific program, tuition fees can range from Rs 16 Lac to 40 Lacs per year.

      5. What are the easiest Countries to get PR after studies?

      1. Canada
      2. Australia
      3. United Kingdom
      4. Germany
      5. New Zealand
      6. Denmark

      6. Which country is easy to study in and find a job?

      This is a difficult question to answer since it depends on various factors, such as the student’s qualifications, the job availability in each country, and the country’s immigration policies. However, some countries that welcome international students and provide more job opportunities are Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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